New Exhibition January 2023, Lee/ Langston



For this exhibition I was asked to traverse the length of the U.S. Route 29 Lee Highway, renamed Langston Boulevard, in Arlington VA, a slightly diverse part of Northern Arlington. 

There are few traces of housing discrimination and segregation from Arlington’s housing system from the late 19th to mid 20th century. Looking at where people live, gives evidence of its’ history. Part of my focus was on the Halls Hill historically Black neighborhood, and the “segregation wall,” which dates to the 1930s. 

This body of work is carefully defined by a neutral perspective. I’d like to think that my work is building its’ strength from context, capturing scenes of economic life-stories told through light and form.

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the new editions for 2017.

These images are from my annual cycling trips in Ohio 
that I've been riding for 25 years. We ride from Columbus to 
Portsmouth then back to Columbus the next day. This is the other 
side of Appalachia, over the last five years, I've been photographing 
the city to capture the isolation that I feel from the vibe of this river town.
It is an investigation of this urban landscape to show the dignified 
legacy of these structures and communities.